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DSPM-CSA Disclaimer Letter

Dear Customer:

DSPM is providing you with this notice because our records reflect that, between August 2009-August 2013, you may have purchased one of the following products from DSPM: Defender Plus, Defender 3, Cobra 3, and/or the Environmental Control Module (the products).

As you may appreciate, Canadian Standards Association and its affiliated compaines (collectively CSA Group) are global providers of testing and certification services. A product may feature CSA Group's certification mark only if it satisfies certain applicable standards of safety and performance as certified by CSA, even though other certification bodies may certify that certain products comply with CSA standards. The following CSA Group Trademark may have appeared on DSPM's products:

CSA Group contends that its certification marks should not have appeared on the products sold by DSPM after 2009 beacause because it did not provide DSPM with permission to feature its certification mark after that date. DSPM disagrees with the contention that it was not permitted to use the CSA Group Trademarks on these products after 2009. DSPM further contends that its products may have satisfied CSA Group's standards after 2009.

While CSA Group and DSPM disagree on this point, they are jointly providing you with this notice to resolve their dispute. There have been no reports of damage, fire or injury in connection with the products. However, CSA Group wants to inform DSPM's customers that CSA Group does not make any representations about the DSPM products sold after 2009 by DSPM; that these DSPM products were not certified by CSA Group, and that it is CSA's position that DSPM was not authorized to feature CSA Group's certification mark on these products.

Notwithstanding CSA Group's position, DSPM would like its customers to know that DSPM is of the view that the products at issue meet all applicable safety standards and DSPM stands behind the products. If you have experienced any issues with the products (safety, damage related or otherwise) we would encourage you to contact DSPM to advise it as to the specifics.

You are also free to contact CSA Group if you have any questions you would like to pose to CSA Group.