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The DSPM Difference

DSPM, and its skilled and dedicated employees, are committed to providing the highest quality products utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and patented technologies. More importantly, DSPM constantly pursues innovation thorough an aggressive and ongoing research and development program insuring its leadership in Power Conversion marketplace.

We are an engineering-based design and manufacturing company. Our company philosophy is based on Applied Engineering or Integrated Engineering Platforms. DSPM has developed a unique fifth generation Digital Control System, which provides precise control and monitoring of all input and output power functions on our complete line of power products. With this technology platform our units can sense power fluctuations and react in virtual real time. The Pulse Width Modulation output is optimized and is capable of a total static start and stop in microseconds to protect both the load and the power backup equipment.

Digital Signal Power Manufacturing (DSPM) personnel have been involved in the Power Quality Business since 1974. DSPM specializes in the custom, or unique products area DSPM has evolved from standardized products to also providing Engineered Solutions for our customers Our company has been in business since 1986, offering 25 plus years of Electronic Power Design and Manufacturing experience. We are committed to offering the latest innovations for quality power requirements in our industry today.

Having over 100 combined years of experience in the field, our team brings a group experienced in all aspects of design (mechanical and electrical) along with manufacturing. As a matter of policy we are committed to "open architecture" designs and bring this philosophy to the customization of our specialized products. The idea is to give the customer more choices and identify the best solutions. Our goal is to recommend the best of class products and software to meet your unique requirements, while providing the most cost effective solutions.

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