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Environmental Control Module

Digital Signal Power Manufacturer Inc., emergency lighting and power systems maintain efficient AC emergency power to operate all emergency lighting fixtures at "full-light" output. This provides superior dependability and security to commercial and industrial environments. The DSPM difference is the patented ECM (Environmental Control Module) which is connected to selected fixtures and/or lamps which allows normal operating parameters to be maintained. In the event of an AC power outage, the fixtures, lamps and/or loads connected to the ECM will continue or immediately begin operating at full-light output for a maximum of 90 minutes (or other run time as required by UL924 egress codes).


•Emergency Transfer
•Stand-by Mode With Wall Switch Override
•Normally "Off"
•Emergency Dimmer Bypass
•Stand-by Mode
•Wall Switch Overide
•Nitelite Overide Mode
•Fast Transfer HID
•3-Way Wall Switch Bypass
•Low Voltage Interface
•3 Lamp Common Switch
•Stand-By Generator
•Low Voltage Dimming Ballast/Control
•Hi-Lume Dim Ballast
•Utility/Generator in a Stand-By Mode
•Stand-By Mode Bypassing Both Hot and Neutral Connections With Wall Switch

The ECM was designed specifically for the egress emergency lighting market. It is a small module that has many applications. The dimensions are 1.25"x1"x2", and comes in three voltage sensing ranges: 120VAC, 208VAC, and 277VAC. This small and powerful unit is the most versatile module for many applications in the egress emergency lighting market.

The ECM can operate individual fixtures, lamps, circuits, or be daisy chained for controlling multiple loads. Perfect for hallways, classrooms, corridors, meeting rooms or individual offices.

UL Recognized File #E75887


NO special ballasts, lamps, or other expensive equipment are required. Can be used with all lamp types including but not limited to:
• Incandescent • H.I.D
• Flourescent • LED

Can be used with all ballast including but not limited to:

• Magnetic or electronic
• Dimming or non-dimming

Can be used with all control devices, or building systems:

• Dimmers and dimming systems
• Occupancy and/or other sensors
• Energy management systems


• The ECM can be installed inside the fixture assembly (i.e., ballast channel), or in a typical junction box (as per code requirements)
• The ECM can operate individual or multiple loads.
• Or the ECM can be centrally located for convenience.


• 2 Years limited warranty with maintenance contracts available.