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Peak Current Power:

Today's systems draw alternating current in peak, non linear mode. Ordinary power conditioners typically have a high forward transfer impedance, which causes sine wave distortion. DSPM has low impedance that minimizes this distortion.

Protection Against Electrical Noise:

Electrical noise consists of spurious electrical signals which enter power lines from such sources as lightning, utility network switching and the operation of countless electrical devices.

Noise is so preventable that it accounts for nearly 90% of all problem causing power disturbances. Power line noise is transmitted in two different forms, common-mode noise and transverse-mode (normal-mode) noise.

DSPM utilizes Faraday shields to achieve -120dB of common-mode noise attenuation. The isolation transformer also achieves -20dB per decade transverse (normal) mode noise attenuation.

Solutions to Power Line Disturbances:

Common-Mode Noise Protection:
This type of noise is a voltage disturbance found between both current carrying leads and the common ground wire.

Transverse-Mode Protection:
Transverse-mode noise is not as easily eliminated as common-mode noise. Transverse voltage can be found on the secondary winding of power transformer, providing significant transverse-mode noise attenuation.