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Three Phase Outdoor Emergency Lighting Inverter 3 KW - 125 KW

Keep the lights "ON" when you need them the most

Defends your harsh environment against unwanted power outage and electrical disturbances by providing:

• DSPM Watchdog software always on guard.
• Display monitor keeps you in control 24/7.
• Dependable DSP/PWM technology for unsurpassed reliability.
• Economical for the lowest overall cost for your light safety, with an Energy Star Rating.
• Temperature compensating technology that controls batteries for the longest battery life.
• Sealed maintenance free batteries.
• Full light output for entire 90 minutes.
• Self-diagnostics for a safe and secure lighted environment.
• Pure sine wave output for all types of lamps.
• ECM module is a patented technology used by DSPM.
• Backup solutions for multiple applications such as:
indoor and outdoor emergency lighting, exits, cash registers, computers, strategic electronics and more!
• 10 Year pro-rated battery warranty.
• 5 Year power train warranty.
• Meets federal, state and local codes:
UL924, UL1778, NFPA 101, NFPA 70, NEC and OSHA.
• Cities of Chicago and New York Approved.
• Complies with the Buy American Act.